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LeadFunnel Review

Are you looking for information about LeadFunnel Review ? Please read my honest reviews about LeadFunnel before buying it, to assess the strengths and weaknesses of it. Is it worth your time and money?

Included in this “ LeadFunnel Review ”, I will give you a deep analysis of this product advantages, compared with the others doing the same function.

LeadFunnel Review -What is LeadFunnel ?

Find targeted leads, increase followers, build relationship & close sales in any niche on complete AUTO-PILOT from Twitter

LeadFunnel is World’s BEST software to work on twitter to find targeted leads, increase followers, build relationship and close sales in any niche on complete AUTOPILOT

8 out of 10 businesses fail in 1 18 months due to traffic draught.

The FACT is: Traffic is the “Life Blood” of any business.

This software gives you targeted fresh leads who show requirements entiment in their tweets or profile.

With no other software launch on Twitter. This is huge untapped opportunity for each of promoters to provide unique software to their list.

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LeadFunnel Review – LeadFunnel Overview?
  • Vendor: JAI SHARMA et al
  • Product: LeadFunnel
  • Release Date: 2016-07-22
  • Release Time: 09:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $47
  • Sales Page: http://leadfunnel.io
  • Niche: Social Media


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LeadFunnel Review – How it Work ?
  • Step 1: use keywords, hashtags or professionals profile as per your criteria to seach for targeted lead. set it once and forget it.
  • Step 2: sort through the leads to accept, add to automatic workflow or reject.
  • Step 3: lead funnel will auto update leads with their direct phone numbers, email addresses and several other key data points.
  • Step 4: workflow will send out auto tweets, follows, re-tweet, message to leads and more.
  • Step 5: more followers, like, engagement & re-tweets on tweeting high converting viral post of past.
  • Step 6: direct message and start to build rapport with your client.
LeadFunnel Review – LeadFunnel Demo !


On the image above you’re seeing, the dashboard of Lead Funnel. It’s very beautiful, you have to connect your twitter account to find new leads.

Basically, what Lead Funnel do, is found new leads for your business, then you can make more sales, sign ups and relationships on your niche.

It’s the first untapped automation tool for Twitter and something that works.

You just need, connect you Twitter account and start to use. Can, of course, increase your followers and find the targeted persons you need.

Ok, so on the dashboard you have a few options, that is Leads, Edit  Search, Reports, and Automation.

Also, you have contacts, Calendar, Training and to do.

Let’s start with Leads.


On this option here you can search for fresh leads and add them to your Twitter, here the dashboard you go see when to click on Leads.


You can type a campaign name, look for leads or prospects, enter you Keyword like Fitness, enter your location and click search leads.

Then Lead Funnel will answer your back with all potential prospects to you add on your Twitter, message them or just add on your contacts for later.

Very cool feature.


Here is the back from Lead Funnel, all my potential customers, prospects, followers and some persons that I can create a relationship.

Edit Search

Edit Search is pretty self-explanatory, you can edit you search, change the keywords, the location, just editing your search.


The reports tab is very cool, they track everything you do and getting you a detailed report of your results.

How many people follow you back, how many people answer your messages, click on your links or even convert into a customer.



This is one of the parts I really love, automation haha, this makes the difference of  this web cloud app.


So you have everything there when you approve a prospect inside of Lead Funnels you can follow them directly, add them to a twitter list, like their twitter 24h later, send a direct message, and you have the template as you can customize.

And put a conversion track pixel if you want.

Then you have other tabs like:

Contacts: All your contacts list.

Calendar: Is a calendar inside of Lead Funnel.

Training: How to use Lead Funnel

To Do: You can add a checklist for things you need to do inside of Lead Funnel.


Jai Sharma here with Madhav Dutta & Uddhab Pramanik.

For those who don’t know us personally, We’re Team of Top Marketer, Top Technocrat & Customer Acquisition Experts Who are known for bringing innovations to the industry, Tapping market need & setting trends with our back to back 12 blockbuster launches.

We have collectively produced tens of thousands of success storied in online industry till now with our software’s and today We’ll Tell You EXACTLY How we got hundreds of thousands of 100% real, targeted followers traffic to my websites & apps without any investment while creating a 5-6 figure a month business using the untapped social network TWITTER all from my computer on AUTOPILOT.
TWITTER is the Cocktail party for the Business Owners & Best Place To Communicate With Leads To Make Sales

With Over 1.3 billion registered users & 320 Million Monthly Active Users
Twitter is best place to find latest trends worldwide, communicate with leads and send content on viral.

91% of Top Brands Worldwide & Almost All Celebrities Are Active On Twitter.
People fall to twitter to check current affairs in short, sweet and fastest way.
500 million tweets daily & over 200 billion in year.

72% of the customers prefer to interact with brands on twitter for quick support.
Facebook & It’s child Instagram does not send all of your updates to all of your followers.
Your content can go Viral On Twitter even with very limited number of followers.
A simple retweet from someone with a lot more followers can really make a difference here.
World’s BEST software to work on twitter to find targeted leads, increase followers, build relationship and close sales in any niche on complete AUTOPILOT


Find New Leads

Lead Funnel will search for all tweets and profiles which contain your keyword thus giving you hot targeted Leads which you can accept, add to workflow or reject.

Build Relationships

Workflow will send out AUTO engaging tweets, re-tweets, follows, and message each & every prospect to push them deep inside your engagement & sales funnel. Whereas Like, Follow, Re-Tweet, Tweet will attract more followers for your tweet handle.

Closed Sales

Close better sales with a engaging workflow & make fan followers who click every time you share any link in tweet.

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LeadFunnel Review – Updrage & Features

OTO #1: Lead Funnel Pro (Price: $67)

For the first upsell we have a version Pro of Lead Funnel. This allows you to get premium features that are email leads, fetch leads in real time, integrate own twitter API in Lead Funnel, Integrations with all SMTPaccounts, mastermind FB VIP Group, Import/Export Address Book From Lead Funnel, Dedicate adress book.

OTO #2: Lead Accelerator Pro (Price: $97)

The second upsell allows you to get real targeted followers to any Twitter Account on complete auto pilot, increasing sales, traffic and engagement using All In One Pinterest Monetization PinDrill.

OTO #3: Lead Funnel Agency (Price: $197-$297) LOVED HAHA 🙂

As you already know I love Agency Rights, WhiteLabel Rights, I’m a big fan of that, and Lead Funnel have that option, the third upsell allows you to sell Lead Funnel and PinDrill accounts to your customers/clients using their marketing material.

My Lead Funnel Review (Honest Thoughts)

Okay, first of at all before I start, Jai Sharma is one of the best sellers on JVZOO.com, win so many prizes because of that by JVZOO. And when he put’s a product out is something you need at least check by yourself.

I have a little problem in connecting my Twitter account, as I don’t see how to do it on Tutorial, but I think they go fix that. I found the solution, just search for leads, click approve, then you Twitter account go open for you Integrate, an Integrate button will be cool on that.

The web app delivery what they promise, is very easy to found new leads, and send them directly messages trying to make their customers or making relationships, also can give you a big brand of followers if people follow you back.

As the upsells, all it’s fine, it’s not so much upsells, and is affordable, what I love on the upsell is the number three, as I love the thing we can sell using their marketing material, so pay $197 for this OTO and make your money back because this shit really convert.

After all, I enjoyed the product, my verdict is 100% recommended 🙂

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LeadFunnel Bonus Pack

Here Are Your Special Bonuses

Special Bonuses for the Our Audience: You’ll get all the Bonuses listed on the Salespage, but I’m going to give you guys a SPECIAL bonus as well. If you Download leadfunnel via any link on this page you’ll also get my Bonus package $3100 Value. Believe me, my Bonus package will save you time, money and make your life a little easier !

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Bonuses 1 packages :

Bonus #1: 100 Website Monetization Secrets


You’ll learn all kinds of secrets for making money with your web site or blog. You can add as many of these income streams as you can handle. Plus you’ll get monetization ideas for profiting from the skills you learn while running your online business.

Bonus #2: 100 Website Business Models


You get ideas for lots of different types of websites and/or businesses to start. Plus you will learn what qualities and features to look for in web hosting companies that will host your websites or blogs. The more websites you have, the more streams of income you will have.

Bonus #3: 100 Resell Rights Selling Formulas


Selling resell, master resell, private label and other rights can increase your sales because it gives people and businesses more reasons to buy and a chance to make their money back. Plus you’ll learn the exact reasons why certain product rights trigger people to purchase them.

Bonus #4: 100 Mmbership Site Marketing Tricks


You’ll get profitable and targeted membership niches, paid web site marketing ideas and all the benefits membership web sites can offer you and your business.

Bonus #5: 100 Hobby Niche Ideas


You’ll find loads of hobby niches to profit from. And you’ll have tons of different selling words to use in your marketing materials and sales letters.

Bonus #6: 100 Website Flipping Tips


It will give you all kinds of selling points to use that will gain a huge profit from flipping your web site or selling your offline business.

Bonus #7: 100 Software Creation Ideas


You’ll get tons of ideas for computer software, mobile/social networking apps, web site scripts and blog plug ins. You can use these ideas to create new ones to sell or to buy or use in your current business.

Bonus #8: 100 Product Review Ideas


It contains ideas for the different types of product reviews, the benefits you got from the product, the feelings the product gives you, how the product effects you mentally and physically and if you liked the features of the product. Writing product reviews is an effective way to increase your affiliate commissions.

Bonus #9: Auto Response Profits


The “Auto Response Profits” course was specifically designed to show even absolute beginners how autoresponders can be used to grow awareness, attract more prospects and increase profits for any business.

Bonus #10: Profiting With Affiliate Programs


The Profiting with Affiliate Programs newsletter will provide you with proven, effective information, tips and advice that will help you learn how to profit by promoting proven affiliate programs!

Bonuses 2 packages :

Bonus #1: Currency Programs Secrets


Is the fact that you would like to start doing well in currency trading but just don’t know how making your life difficult or maybe even miserable?

Bonus #2: Building The Perfect Sales Funnel


Sales Funnels in your online business are becoming more and more popular. It is no longer a case of creating a single online product and selling that product. Online business has now realized the potential of increased income with a sales funnel model. By add a successful sales funnel to your online business allows you o maximize the sales potential from each customer you have.

Bonus #3: Big Welcome Plugin


Big Welcome Plugin makes it so easy to create beautiful, effective welcome messages for your visitors, that you’ll find yourself wanting to add a welcome message to nearly all your pages.

Bonus 4#: WP Checkout Maximizer Plugin


Brand New WordPress Plugin Will Help You To Dramatically Increase Your Sales Conversions, Generate Hordes Of Viral Traffic And Create “A Magical” Buying Experience That Your Customers Will Simply LOVE!

Bonus 5#: Able Checklist Plugin


Systemize Your Business Without the Confusion of Complex Project Management Systems!

Bonus 6#: WP Review Me Plugin


Off-The-Grid, Plug-and-play WP Plugin Allows You To Easily Get Feedback From Your Visitors So That You Can Know Exactly What They Are Thinking About Your Products In Your Blogs!

Once You Can Get Inside Your Visitors’ Heads You Will Get Valuable Insights, Suggestions And Feedback That Will Help You To Improve Your Conversions And Send Your Profits To The Stratosphere!

Bonus 7#: Various Stock Photos Volume 6 Pack


Pack of variouis stock photos for your personal use !

Bonus 8#: Graphics Magic Box Volume 3 Elite Part 1


There are 4 modules in this Elite pack :

– Tumblr Covers

– Tumblr Post Graphics

– Facebook Covers

– Facebook Newsfeed Ads

Bonus 9#: Graphics Magic Box Volume 3 Elite Part 2

There are 7 modules in this Elite pack :

– Twitter Covers

– Graphical Headlines

– Blog Headers

– Product Headers

– Testimonial Boxes

– Product Boxes

– Flyers

Bonus 10#: Graphics Magic Box Volume 3 Elite Part 3


There is 1 module in this Elite pack :

– Viral Quotes

Bonus 11#: Graphics Magic Box Volume 3 Elite Part 4


There is 5 modules in this Elite pack :

– Gift Card Templates

– Postcard Templates

– Email Header Graphics

– Business Cards

– Pricing Tables

Bonuses 3 packages :

Bonus #1 : YouTube Marketing 2.0 Made Easy Audio Pack


Would you be surprised to know that YouTube Marketing is the magic stick to tap into a goldmine of targeted traffic needed to get best results without breaking your bank ?

Bonus #2 : Turbo Site Builder Pro Software


Create Effective, Responsive Website and Landing Pages with Turbo Site Builder!

Turbo Site Builder is the SIMPLEST and the MOST EFFECTIVE tool for building one page websites and landing pages that get OUTSTANDING RESULTS!

Bonus #3 : Turbo Site Builder Software


Create Effective, Responsive Website and Landing Pages with Turbo Site Builder!

Turbo Site Builder is the SIMPLEST and the MOST EFFECTIVE tool for building one page websites and landing pages that get OUTSTANDING RESULTS!

Bonus #4 : Better Copywriting Secrets


If you want to become a better writer, there’s some great news – the more you write the better you will become, so just keep writing. Of course, there are always things you can do to improve your writing. Let’s have a look at some ways to do that.

Bonus #5 : Free Offers Traffic Frenzy


One of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is by using free offers !

No matter how much things may change on the internet, one thing stays the same – people love to get things for free !

This ebook will show you the ways how to drive a frenzy of free targeted traffic to your offer sites and entice the visitos with an amazing free offer !

Bonus #6 : List Building Secrets


How To Make A Fortune Building Profitable Customer Lists Without Investing OR Risking A Dime!

Bonus #7 : Twitter Marketing Secrets


Twitter has attracted a lot of attention. Everyone from your great-grandma’s roommate at the nursing home to the kids in the skate park even the news crew at CNN is talking about Twitter.

Bonus #8 : The Facebook Formula


Facebook. You’ve heard of it. You probably have an account. You may have all of your high school friends on your Facebook account. You may even have found a few people you forgot about. You may even have time for a few of those games – or you may loathe their very existence. It’s a place you go to hang out, learn something, and read something or maybe you sign in rarely.

Bonus #9 : Pinterest Marketing Excellence


If you’re a marketer and you’re not on Pinterest, then you’re missing out on one of the biggest and the most flexible/powerful platforms out there. Pinterest may not be quite as big as Facebook in terms of pure users but it’s actually not as far behind as you might think.

Bonus #10 : Twitter Marketing Excellence


No matter what type of business you’re running, it’s crucial that you have a strong presence on Twitter.

Twitter is an incredibly important and powerful social media network that is one of the largest on the net with approximately 316 million monthly active users and about a billion registered users. Like Facebook, Twitter has grown to become a household name and needs no introduction. It has become a part of our everyday lives, even featuring in movies and TV shows as a prominent plot point; and its marketing potential is gigantic.



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